Trust Our Hair Salon Professionals to Provide a Better Customer Experience

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Trust Our Hair Salon Professionals to Provide a Better Customer Experience

If you’re like most people at the beginning of the year you wrote a list or at least thought about writing a list of things you wanted to accomplish this year.

 The first thing on the list is usually lose weight and get in shape. Workout facilities are packed in January with this being the number one New Year resolution, by mid- February they are back to the normal regulars.

Home projects also make the list and are always interesting to me. Like most men I know I can do everything I just never get around to doing it, and when I do, unfortunately it looks like I did it. Every guy knows exactly what I’m talking about and so does his family. How many unfinished projects are around your life? Why are we always going to do something and never do? Is your garage so full of stuff that you can’t park your car in it? Is your basement a dumping ground for everything you can’t decide what to do with?

What value does most of the stuff we hang onto have? Haggling over a buck and the loss of a Saturday to have a garage sale doesn’t appeal to me. My personal experience is to purge all unnecessary stuff first, just get rid of it, make a decision and be done. The sooner you remove clutter from your life the sooner you can complete your to do list and get on with enjoying life.

There are plenty of local charities who would gladly accept your excess stuff, some would even come to your home and carry it away for you. Next, have a real chat with yourself; am I really capable of tackling certain projects and completing them in a reasonable time frame representing a quality effort? Paying people to do things for us doesn’t come easy. The famous I can do that myself why would I pay someone to do that keeps most things from ever being completed. I’ve grown to have a great respect for quality professionals and craftsmen.

As a hair salon owner and specialist I would like to believe that our hair salon represents just that, quality and professionalism. A licensed cosmetologist in Colorado attends 1850 clock hours of training and pays tuition of approximately $22,000.

At James Salon our stylists must commit to continuing advanced education beyond the basic state requirements. This extra training not only creates lasting careers but assures our guests of a positive experience. So before, during, or after you begin your to do list come visit our professional staff. The better you look, feel, and take care of yourself the easier decision making becomes. James Salon is an AVEDA Concept Salon offering a full complement of haircare services and AVEDA Spa treatments.

James Hair Salon has three convenient locations in Fort Collins and Greeley, Colorado. Visit our website at or call today for a high-end experience at great prices.

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