The Life Changing Makeover!

The Life Changing Makeover!

Makeovers are an amazing experience. The new confidence, look at me attitude is contagious, it feels so good, the stylist, client friends and family, salon staff all get to experience the positive encouraging vibe of the makeover moment.

Makeovers can be extreme or subtle. We at James Salon like to start with a team consultation. The consultation involves a lot of questions about lifestyle, time commitment, budget, as well as height, body shape, sense of fashion, and the why behind the decision of the makeover.

Our model Shannon is this months featured makeover, her decision to be a light ash blonde cut to shoulder length was completely hers. Her inspiration to change was celebrity influenced. After viewing her Pinterest page we put a plan together to achieve the desired results with in a timely manner. Shannon’s choice was an extreme change. She is a beautiful woman and would look great with many different hairstyles. We showed her two ways she could style her new haircut, a straight style and a very subtle wave pattern. My experience in the salon has shown me that the majority of consumers are afraid of such a big change, citing reasons such as, my husband will leave me if I cut my hair, my boyfriend says he met me with long hair and that’s how he likes it, she looks good with short hair, but I could never do it, I’m not brave enough, my family will make fun of me, and the list goes on. Why do people like to buy new shoes and handbags for every season and special events and wear the same hair style their entire life? We buy new cars, new houses, new furniture, change jobs, sometimes change spouses, and keep the same hairstyle. I know all hairstylists have to agree with me about this. We as stylists love the challenge and want you to trust us in keeping you looking as modern and fashionable as all your other lifestyle acquisitions.

I know women who have countless numbers of shoes, walk in closets stuffed to the max, expensive items they
don’t even remember purchasing and choose not to change their hairstyle that they wear everyday.

The season is changing, Spring is in the air and it is a perfect time for a new beginning. Try some new bangs, try a new color, experience some natural AVEDA products. Let us take your current style to the next level. Surprise yourself and the people in your life with a new hair and makeup makeover at James Salon. Dare to Change!

James Lobato is the owner of James Salon Group of Northern Colorado. Exclusive AVEDA Salons.

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