Hair for the Holidays

Hair for the Holidays

The holiday months of November and December have historically been busy months in the hair salon. No matter how busy people’s lives are they have felt a necessity to look their best during the holiday season.

The casualness of our modern society and its fascination with denim has certainly had an impact on special occasion hair styling.

For some time now formal functions have been a rarity. An experience most people have only during high school proms and maybe their wedding day.

Both occasions provide a lifetime of memories, including the fun, friends and events of the occasion. The idea that clothes a person wears combined with a special occasion hairstyle can make an event a lifetime memory may seem silly, but when most of us can’t remember what we did for our last birthday or anniversary I’m convinced if we made them a formal event we would remember them.

Not that I think every event in our lives should be formal but I do believe most women like to dress up and feel pretty and attractive.

I also believe that most women would enjoy the opportunity to dress up more often should their partners not complain about the acceptance of not being able to wear jeans to every occasion.

I’ve always been amazed when looking at a brown suit or jeans at a formal function. I suppose the unwillingness of men to participate has eliminated the black tie option as suggested holiday attire.

The cycle of fashion repeats itself and today’s casualness will evolve into tomorrow’s formal revival.

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