Mothers Day and Makeovers

Mothers Day and Makeovers

You have to love the month of May. For as long as I can remember it is very rare that we ever get snow and cold past the first week of May. I know this because on many occasions I would schedule an outdoor get together during the first week of May only for the weather to not cooperate with my plans. My observation of this pattern has held true for the last thirty years.

May brings us flowers and Mothers Day. History states that a woman named Miss Anna Jarvis is the originator of the nationalized Mothers Day holiday. The death of Miss Anna Jarvis’s mother and what she represented to her daughter and all women inspired her to influence President Woodrow Wilson to proclaim the second Sunday of May a national holiday, Mothers Day. Carnations represent Mothers Day similar to roses on Valentine’s Day. Like many of our recognized holidays commercialism often times replaces the true meaning and representation of this significant day. Mothers Day is the busiest restaurant day in America.

I have the pleasure of working alongside some young mothers and I often wonder where they get the energy to work all day and be a mother the rest of the time. Their dedication to their children should truly be recognized.

Providing personal services to women for many years and listening to their shared conversations I believe mothers deserve more than one recognized day a year. If I can celebrate a birthday for a week I’m sure I could exploit a national holiday at least that long.

I think Mothers Day couldn’t be in a better month. When I think of mothers, I associate new life. The month of May brings such a convincing change of season. As the metamorphosis of our landscape changes from one day or one week to the next the visual stimulation is so much appreciated Spring fever takes over.

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