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Love Your Hair Color

Have you ever described your hair color as mousey brown or dishwater blonde? Is your dream hair only a dream? Does your hair color match your personality?

Hair coloring is no longer just about covering gray hair. Your color helps define who you are. Often your hair color can establish a first impression. The big question here is, are you what your hair describes you as?

“I always wanted to be blonde to fit my personality” says Sierra Dudgeon.

Lacey Skrdlant says her blonde hair gives her confidence, makes her feel pretty and brings out the color of her eyes. Holly Hildenbrant says she likes to color her hair because it can be easy to fall into a mom rut feeling tired and blah. Her color gives her self confidence and attracts compliments that make her feel trendy and in style.

For some hair color can be a chore to others it’s a lot of fun to change color often and to experience different colors and application techniques.

At James Salon low maintenance techniques such as Balayage (A free hand application of color technique) are popular not only for the fashion but the longer length of time between hair salon visits. You might have a creative haircut that could be brought to life with a new color. Social media inspires many trend followers to keep up on the latest colors and coloring applications.

These non-traditional free spirits craving the latest and greatest proudly enter main street with fashion colors of blue, purple, orange, pink, and even green hair. This individual expression of color is daring, noticeable, and fun. Hair color does make a person look younger and feel younger.Not many people like their natural color, some have naturally beautiful white hair that many times is best left alone.

Many clients like to change their hair color according to the season, lighter in the spring and summer and darker in the fall and winter. The majority of clients ask for natural looking hair color enhanced with high lights or subtle panels of a complimentary color.

Express yourself with a new cut and color identity from James Salon.

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