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Hair Salon vs. Barbershop

Can the untrained eye tell the difference between a barbershop haircut and a salon haircut? Probably not.

The only real visible difference is that licensed cosmetologists are not legally allowed to use a straight edge razor on the skin. Men’s current hair fashion requires the most stylist talent needed in a very long time. Creating these new looks requires an understanding of head shape, hair texture, and the ability to teach men new ways to style their hair. Hey guys, please don’t ask for a ONE and a FINGER any more. That look is over, gone with the bowl cut and the mullet. May they rest in peace.

I don’t think The Donald will ever be a trend setter either. Styles with a 1950’s influence are the cool looks these days with hair longer on top and pompadour like height in front. A real hipster might prefer a pomp hawk, pompadour front Mohawk in the back.

Most men can get their game on with slight refinements to their current haircut by letting the top hair grow out a little longer, maybe add a thin hard part and be open to use new hair salon products developed for longer length hair. A real upside to a modern haircut is it doesn’t need to be cut as often, it might cost a little more at our salon but you don’t need as many haircuts. At James Salon we start with a scheduled appointment at your convenience, we assist you in choosing the direction of your new haircut, once decided, we start with a complimentary head and shoulder massage, a luxurious shampoo followed with a conditioning scalp massage, while a steamed AVEDA aromatherapy towel is gently placed on your face.

After the haircut is complete, our stylists will teach you how to style your new haircut at home. Our other men’s services include pedicures, manicures, eye brow waxing, as well as hair salon coloring services.

Today’s modern man isn’t afraid to enter a salon and share in the self indulgences designed to relax and rejuvenate our stressful lives. You may not need a haircut as often as going to the barber, but you’ll want the James Salon experience as often. This Father’s Day surprise your wife and family by coming home with a new haircut from James Salon. You’ll never know if you don’t try.

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