Spring Makeover – Do You Feel Lucky

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Spring Makeover – Do You Feel Lucky

Do you feel lucky?

It’s here, the day you’ve been looking and waiting for and possibly dreading. You are about to visit a new salon and put your hair in the hands of a new hairdresser, what are your expectations?

What will it be like? Is this scenario happening by choice? Maybe you’re new to town and this is one of the downsides to the move besides finding a doctor. I’ve heard about this situation many times over the years. The hardest part of moving is finding a good hairdresser and a good doctor.

I would go about finding either one of these professionals by asking questions about their education, their continuing education, the demand for their services, their availability, and the quality of their support staff and coworkers. Length of time at an occupation doesn’t always equate to quality work.

I have interviewed and have had many stylists do demonstration models for me over the years only to be disappointed by the lack of growth in their technical skills. Maybe you’re not new to town you’re just ready for a change. I hear all the time, I can never get a hold of my stylist, and she is always cancelling on me. I wanted a hair color change but she didn’t have the color I wanted on hand.

When we did have the appointment she stopped to answer her cell phone.You may think this environment is the norm these days, unfortunately, it probably is.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you that not all salons have succumbed to the often unreliable individual business model. There is another choice. James Hair Salon Is a recognized Aveda Concept salon. Several of northern Colorado’s most recognized hair stylists began their journey working and training at James Hair Salon.

We have a history of developing great talent and creating memorable customer experiences. Our team concept was developed to meet and satisfy all our clients’ needs and build fulfilling careers for our team members. Your next salon visit shouldn’t rely on luck. We guarantee all of our services and products. Schedule your next appointment at James Hair Salon today.

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