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I’m so confused!

Do you have a vanity full of hair, body, and skin care products?

These are Products that you may not remember where or when you purchased them and what exactly they are supposed to do for you, or when and what order to use them.

You are not alone.

This year during your spring cleaning lets work on getting your vanity in order. If you have any hair, skin, or body products that were purchased and opened more than twelve months ago I would highly recommend that you purge these products.

These products not only lose their viscosity integrity but may cause negative skin reactions. Some products may become contaminated with the smallest amount of water entering an open bottle especially in warm humid environments.

The application of creams on your face or body by dipping your fingers into the product can also create a cross contamination. Shampoos and conditioning products usually have a longer life expectancy than skin care or make up products.

Take the time and go through all your bottles, tubes, and jars, should any of these products have drastically changed color, liquefied, clumped, or taken on an unpleasant odor discarding them would be highly recommended. Not all products go bad, many just breakdown in the performance expectation by simply not sealing a lid tightly and allowing air to dry the key ingredients.

Simplify your life by using organized product systems.

You may have a scenario like this: my hair is naturally curly, I like to flat iron it straight and I have it professionally hair colored, but I also wear it curly and I have to shampoo daily because I work out. Not an uncommon situation. Best advice; use a product line that meets all your needs and all the products within the line work synergistically for best performance results. The same holds true for skin and body products. 

When replacing your discarded products this Earth month try something ECO friendly. James Salon is an Exclusive AVEDA Concept salon. Through this partnership we participate in several environmental business practices including earth month, responsible packaging, Cradle to Cradle, and renewable Energy. All of our hair, skin, and body products are up to 97% natural flower and plant derived, including our hair color products.

Come into James Salon and receive a complimentary product system consultation, complimentary make up touch up, or complimentary arm and hand massage. Let us remove the confusion.

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