Change is a Really Good Thing. That’s Just How It Is.

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Change is a Really Good Thing. That’s Just How It Is.

Why is it always a pleasant surprise when we are offered a great life experience?

I think most of us are usually expecting just the opposite and we have accepted the idea, that’s just how it is. It never fails when I’m in hurry I get every red light and when I need to make a left hand turn, the person in front of me is spaced. When they finally wake up, they are the only car that makes the turn. Now I have to wait another fifteen minutes listening to the music in the car next to me.

That’s just how it is.

The pleasant surprise would be all green lights to your destination and a parking place upon your arrival. I think we can all relate to this simple pleasure. Recently my wife’s vanity sink wouldn’t drain. Being in the hair salon business, I’ve unclogged plenty of sinks. This, however, was beyond my skill level. It took a week to finally get a call back from a plumber. Two days later, water was backing up at our CSU hair salon. The cam- pus in-house plumber was on vacation. The next day water was backing up at our Greeley location.

This Thanksgiving holiday, try to remember to be thankful for all of life’s simple pleasures. Getting together with family and friends, eating a feast, watching football, taking a nap, having seconds, and racing off to early Black Friday shopping is a common Thanksgiving day activity. Thank your host who tries to satisfy everyone’s preferences. If you have ever hosted this holiday, you know what I’m talking about. Just trying to have an employee pot luck can be challenging. I need gluten free, I can’t eat meat on the bone, I don’t like tomatoes, and I don’t like my food touching each other.

That’s just how it is.

Some would like to say it’s the drama that makes it real. My mom was always real quick to remind me about manners. I try to practice good manners most of the time, but sometimes the politician comes out in me. I always regret when it does because I can never take it back.

Let’s all create our own great life experience and be thankful to have families, friends, a safe community, health, education, and a place we call home.

This holiday season treat yourself or someone in your life with the simple pleasure of a new hair cut and color at James Salon.

That’s just how it is.

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